Tage Eriksen was born in San Diego, CA. After countless years dedicating herself to the art of ballet, she moved to New York in 2010 as a professional ballerina. It was during this time she began to produce art in her free time and would sell small pen drawings, usually of dancers. After sustaining a serious foot injury, she moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2012. 
From a young age, Tage's mother exposed her to countless artists, museums, and different mediums. Though she took a few art classes in high school, most of her knowledge and skills are self taught. She has always been drawn towards black and white surrealistic works, but has more recently began exploring color in her paintings. Her influences range from Dali and Magritte to photographer Robert ParkeHarrison and sculptor Anish Kapoor. In her work, Tage explores deep and complex themes relating to politics, femininity, love, media, and the human condition.