Commission requests will be assessed on an individual basis. Please review the guidelines prior to submitting your request. You will receive an email confirmation with additional details and pricing if your request is chosen. 

Pricing: The price of a commissioned work is based off of canvas size and the projected time required to complete the piece. The base prices listed below are subject to change. You will always be quoted the final price of your piece before I start creating it. 

Pen Drawings:

  • 9"x 12" paper: $250 base price

Digital Portrait:

  • 12"x 12" canvas print: $150 base price
  • 16"x 16" canvas print: $175 base price

Canvas Painting: 

  • 12"x 16" canvas: $450 base price
  • 24"x 24" canvas: $900 base price
  • 30"x 40" canvas: $2000 base price


  1. Please fill out the form below to get in contact, and specify what type of commission you are requesting (pen drawing, digital portrait, or canvas painting.) Include as much visual detail as possible in your message-- The more details the more likely your idea is selected. Be specific when it comes to size, colors, budget, links to reference images, mood boards, etc.)

  2. If your commission idea is selected, you will receive a response within 7 days with instructions on next steps, or request for further information.

  3. The artist will gladly set up a commission consultation via email, phone call, or zoom call. The goal of the consultation is to gather more specific information about the piece and your budget. After the consultation, you will be provided with a timeframe of how long the piece will take to create and ship. 

  4. A refundable deposit of 30% of the cost of your piece is required after the initial consultation. Upon project completion, the deposit will be applied to the total cost of the commission. The remaining 70% of the commission cost must be paid within 48 hours after receipt of the email proof of completion. The deposit will only be refunded if the artist is unable to complete the piece within 1 month of the agreed upon timeline. Discrepancies in the piece due to stylistic differences and execution are not valid reasons for a refund. 

Please get in touch!